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Namibia Arts Fair 2018 - A Local Arts Explosion!

The Art Fair was an amazing event, thank you to the hundreds who came and supported and enjoyed the beauty and diversity of Namibian art! Here are some great highlights of the Fair on the 28th of July 2018:

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Behind The Mic And Under the Spot Light

Talent is what everyone in the world has, some say it is how good you are at in exploiting your potential to do something, effort matters. On this final Arts Fair the audience will bear witness to some of the individuals that exploited their potential in doing something to such an extent that all eyes and ears they reach out to stays glued.

Lize Ehlers one of the passionate, versatile and celebrated multi-talent within our national borders will join the event and plans to deliver what the audience are expecting to see. She intends on amazing the audience with these talents ranging from poetry to multi-media and more. The founder & director of Song Night is again one of the committed ones assisting growth of the Namibian music industry with her talents. She has won awards throughout her career.

With just so much to take in, Actor & poet Ashwyn Mberi will be feeding the audience with yet another performance with a group of other talented and upcoming young talent ‘The Gathering.’ …

Stretching The Arm with the Intent to Inspire through Courage.

From the beloved Namibian review catalogue, inspiration  is drawn. Literature has been seen to inspire in many ways
over centuries now. One could be searching for
inspirational literature written by someone of foreign
status who is not a neighbour in any way.

“Courage Wins Through Thick and Thin, Through Trial
and Error,” these are the words of Namibia’s very own
local author Hertha Nekwaya which she decided to entitle
her new book. Hertha Nekwaya is also the founder of
Donate a story Donate a poem initiative. Her novel
‘Courage Wins’ was released in April 2018, a novel
written to encourage the youth to follow their dreams
courageously despite their challenges in life.

She has made it her priority to give back to the community
not only through inspirational words but also meet some
of the peoples’ basic needs. Seeing how the Namibian
children struggle just to get by
every day from abuse to
orphanage. Therefore all the proceeds made from the book are donated
to organizations helping th…

Understanding the Value of Art: Free Informational Session

For years now Art has been developing within our borders and it has taken a considerable step ahead but this knowledge has been limited and thus the further steps in evolving it have been dawdling. It is our goal to hep share this knowledge with the public so the growth and understanding of art can be increased.
On the 10th of November an information session will be hosted at the COTA Theatre School. The event will be starting from 2pm to 5pm and entrance will be free to the public. This will be presented by four local and professionals from the arts industry within the Namibian art scene. If you don’t know  the worth of what you can do as an artist, this will be an ideal event for you as the presenters will unpack and share the knowledge you need in order to understand the value of your art. Not only understanding its value but how you can also make a living out of it.
In a society such as Namibia, one has to master the art of marketing as well. Making or presenting an attractive art…

Ways to Participate in the Namibia Arts Fair

Interested in participating in the Namibia Arts Fair? We have so many options available for you! If you want to sell your art or share information about your organization, there are still spaces open for you, just head over to our website to register! For more information, contact us at

Call for Exhibiting Artists!

Calling all Namibian artists! If you do visual art, installation art, literature, digital art, traditional arts and crafts, or performance art, we are now accepting submissions for the upcoming Namibia Art Fair. To register, you can visit our website,, and go to the Register & Apply page or go to the registration form directly through the link below. Registration Form: Download the Terms & Conditions here: We have 50 spaces available for artists to exhibit their work on the day of the Namibia Art Fair. The registration fee is as low as N$100 per stall. Please make sure to submit the form as soon as possible to reserve your spot! The deadline for submissions is October 19th 2018. If you have any questions about the application form, contact or 0812119600 for clarification.